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Thanks to all the SpamBots and Scammers filling out my contact form, I had to remove it.
You can reach me by going to my
YouTube Channel, Reverb Store
or email below
cinephotopro at yahoo dot com
My YouTube Channel started out as an experiment for
testing RAW unedited video footage from various
digital cameras ranging from pocket sized P&S's to
full sized DSLR's. The only reason I keep it up is that
I put together some "informational" video's that ended
up being popular. I will eventually move those to a new
platform that is more Constitutionally friendly ~
My Reverb store is probably the most reliable and stable place to find me while I organize and plan for the future of freedom beyond censorship
and surveillance. I'll be looking into a few music related "artist page" platforms to see if they are suitable.

I don't have multiple social media accounts. Times will be changing in the near future for those platforms and I'm pursuing Patriotic Outlets :)

For those of you who wish to voluntarily give some Gratuity, the tip jar is to the right :)

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