LaMonica Pictures Cinematic and Photographic services plus Note/Post cards and Prints. Contact me for details

My LaMonica Pictures web site is now being integrated into the Photo, Video and Store pages. 

Photography is a creative processes that can be technical or artistic or a combination of both. No matter how you capture your images it's your personal vision and nobody can take that away from you. No matter how low critics will stoop to crush your talent, it is they who are intimidated by your courage and will to show the world your vision. I started in the 1970's with film and used it exclusively until 2006 when there was more of a push for photographers to deliver same day images and incorporate video. 

Photography using film based knowledge and experience. 30+ years of experience started with Kodachrome 25 & 64 and all manual cameras. Back in the 80's I specialized in Outdoor Photography. I turned down any assignments that were offered outside of that specialty, since it was taught that you had to specialize in a specific area of photography. By the late 80's I was photographing Architectural and Models as well as my usual Outdoor assignments. I realized that my specialty was Photography, and with my extensive knowledge of equipment, light and composition, I could photography any subject, anywhere and produce stunning results. In those days, I used film with no LCD to check the shot on location, it was just pure knowledge of photography at work. Today I still offer my expertise using digital cameras to anyone who requires high quality images with fast and friendly service.

A full range of stills and video services are available to promote your project or update your portfolio. You can rely on services that are secure from being leaked to the public prior to a release date. Whether you need new slides or digital files for current or new products, pictures of you in action for your website or just want to capture your beautiful art collection, I can capture the photos you need with the spirit you're looking for without compromising your artistic vision. Contact me for details. *Please note that the farther we progress into a digital medium for images, the harder it is to get film and processing.